When this Georgia-native designer came to San Francisco, it became apparent it was only a matter of time till Robert would make a name for himself. And, that is exactly what he did by joining Podesta Baldocchi, the nation’s oldest floral design studio. Robert realized that the best way to make a statement in events would be to do the whole thing from start to finish on his own. He started his own company because, as a designer, he saw that there was a disconnect between the designer and the client. “I wanted to bridge that gap and be the only contact with the client thus keeping the integrity of the event true and honest.” Achieving that goal, Robert has created a successful company that is unique in handling all aspects of the event, managing and directing every detail, always creating a beautiful production.

Robert Fountain’s vast experience in producing events and weddings throughout the world has given him the distinct position of being able to coordinate and successfully execute events in foreign countries where there are language barriers and unfamiliar customs and procedures. The success of these events continues to make Robert Fountain International without rival in the event world.

Now, over a decade after his company’s inception, Robert Fountain has become one of the most well known and sought after event producers in the nation. With clientele ranging from corporate giants to international socialites, Fountain continually raises the bar with unique and awe inspiring events.